In Fispal Food Service, you will find several attractions full of content, talks, demonstrations, competitions and free consultancies! In 2018, there were 13 attractions with more than 140 hours of content and 4800 participants! See below some of these attractions, according to the sectors of the fair:

Great chefs, executives and entrepreneurs discuss the challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Mini consultancies for those who intend to produce beer in their establishments.

Free consultancies for those who want to include vegan dishes in their menu.

Free specialized consulting for entrepreneurs and newcomers in the market.

Free 30-minute FCSI consultancies for restaurants and other establishments.

Space dedicated to innovative products for the food service market.

Talks and awareness-raising consultancy on reducing food waste.

Lectures and demonstrations, for ice cream and gelato parlors, and industries.

An European competition that recognizes the best gelato masters!

The Latin American Ice Cream Congress  will be held simultaneously to Fispal Food Service 2019!

Space for knowledge exchanges about coffee for managers, baristas and cafeteria entrepreneurs.

All the steps of the deep-freezing process and food portioning.

Trends, opportunities and challenges of Food and Beverages in the hospitality segment.